Sample of Good Resume for Job Application

What is a good sample of good resume for job application? The first marketing weapon you have for a job application is a resume; it is no doubt the most important written piece that can make or break your chances to landing a new job. It has been said that employers or recruiters spend only about six seconds in screening a resume; therefore, you have to make yourself shine in a sea of applicants using your resume. For this matter, learn how to create an impressive resume and learn of the mistakes you need to avoid making your application work.

What Are the Components of a Good Sample Resumes for Jobs?

Good CV samples are made up of several important parts, and the first one begins with your personal and contact information. It must contain your name, mailing address, phone number and email address. Your name can be slightly larger in size than the rest of the text in your paper to make your name be emphasized and remembered.

The career summary or the personal profile is next in line. It is an overview about you, what you offer to the table and what your offers are to the employer. Keep it professional and use simple and concise writing in this section. Just remember that this is the section where you are introducing yourself to the employer.

Professional skills section is next after the career summary. It is the section that contains your most relevant skills that you can offer to the new position. Things like your knowledge on computers, software, sales, marketing and finance, among others, can be written. It can also contain your soft skills, including leadership, time management and good communication skills. This part is often included in executive resume samples.

Relevant work experience or past work history follows. In this section, you can write about the jobs you have handled, but don’t list down everything. As a good sample resumes for jobs, it contains only the most significant jobs, together with your accomplishments. You can quantify and include statistics, facts and numbers to prove your claims.

The education section is next. It contains your educational background, including the names of the institution from where you have trained and acquired knowledge. It should also include the degree earned, year of graduation and GPA. If you’re still in college, it can include your high school education, too.

sample of good resume for job application
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A Good Resume Sample for a Job: What Mistakes to Avoid

  • Grammar and typos: Check your CV or resume for accuracy, including of grammar and spelling. Even a slight error can show lack of attention on your part.
  • Not containing specifics: Be clear of what you have accomplished and do not just claim this and that. Quantify your accomplishments. Also, use specific action words.
  • Sending a generic resume: Tailor it per application.
  • Highlighting duties and job roles: Replace these with achievements.
  • Not using action words and buzzwords: Be specific with your language. Speak as a professional in your field. Use action words and buzzwords to prove professionalism.
  • There you have the important characteristics of a good and a bad resume. Learn from these and do well in writing your CV or resume.

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