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Following good resume samples will help you come up with an outstanding CV or resume that works. Today, more than ever, the job application market has drastically changed. The competition has become tougher and getting into a new job these days. So if you’re one of those applicants that want their applications to count, check out this page to learn of the steps and tips in coming up with an impressive resume. So, how to find professional resume examples?

Good Resume Samples: The Steps & Tips to Follow

  • Choose the right format. There are many resume formats to choose from and use. You can select from the three most popular styles to use in writing.
  • Professional: This is an industry-targeted resume used per industry. Depending on yours, choose a professional resume style that has to do with your field, career level and work experience.
  • Combined: This is also called a hybrid resume, a combination of the first two formats. This sample of good resume is focused on highlighting both the selling points of the first and second style.
  • Functional: This style you can see in samples of good resume focus on the professional expertise and skills. Here, the attention of the employer is drawn on this aspect and not on his work experience. Ideally, this is for job seekers who are changing careers from one industry to another, those who have been terminated at least once or those who had long absence from the workforce and trying to re-enter now.
  • Chronological: This is mostly used by the people who have been in the same industry for years. They are those that have no plans of transferring to anther industry. They have many years of work experience. This style is written with the jobs handled listed in the reverse chronological format, meaning the most recent jobs are listed first.
  • Replace the job description and duties with the accomplishments. You don’t need to list those roles and duties you had; the recruiters also know these. What they don’t know are your achievements per job.
  • Use numbers, facts and statistics to quantify your claims, as you see in the samples of good resume, allowing you to show what you can bring to the table and letting the employer recognize if your accomplishments match their expectations.
  • Tailor your resume based on the job by reading the job posting. Do not start writing if you have not found a job where to send the CV. Try to use professional CV samples.
  • Ditch the objective section. Replace it with your career summary, giving a short overview of what you do and who you are.
good resume samples
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  • Tailor per job application.
  • Use industry words or buzzwords.
  • Use keywords.
  • Use a professional layout and style. Avoid underlining, bolding and italicizing, unless needed.
  • Edit.

Start writing based on our best resume examples that you can find on this page so that you can customize your paper based on the recent trends of job applications and create one that matches your experience and industry.

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