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ats resume scanning optimization steps

Why Might You Need Our Help to Review Your Resume for an Application Tracking System?

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When you are applying for any new position, you will be required to supply a range of different documents which should also include your resume. The resume is probably the most important one as it is where a potential employer finds out all the essential information they need in deciding if you are qualified and have the necessary experience for the open position. For that reason, you may need a well-written ATS resume sample as a point to start. However, before your resume even gets to be seen by an HR rep or hiring manager, it will most likely be scanned first and entered into an applicant tracking system (ATS). Resume optimization, therefore, is essential as these ATS systems will check through your application searching for specific keywords which are associated with the job opening. If it does not find enough matches, your application will go no further.

So in order to improve your chances of passing the ATS resume test and get your application seen by a person, it is vital you take the time to carry out a necessary review. A little bit of effort on your part can go a long way in letting them know you have done your homework and that you have exactly the kind of experience and skills which they are looking for by matching your resume exactly to the job description. Many people are simply unable to achieve this level of writing which is why they look for professional help from services such as ours to get past an ATS resume checker. Our resume analysis online service can easily carry out a review of your resume and suggest the necessary keywords to add in order for it to get past any application tracking systems,

Our Guide to Getting You through the ATS Resume Test

While the thought of having an application tracking system test your resume may sound like it will be a comprehensive test of your writing abilities.

There are some simple steps you can take to optimize it and help yourself to rank higher:

  • Use language from the job description by looking through the listing to determine the skills required. Identify industry terms and keywords which is used most frequently in the description and incorporate these words into your resume when possible and applicable.
  • Remove any images and graphics, the ATS resume scanning software will be breaking down the information you’re providing and sorting through it. It cannot read or understand an image.
  • Use only standard web-safe fonts like Arial, Georgia, Courier, Lucida, Tahoma or Trebuchet.
  • Don’t try and hide any keywords in the white text.
  • Don’t include irrelevant information. Only include past positions and skills that are relevant to the job being applied for.
  • Don’t use any special characters. While standard bullets are fine, other characters can cause issues that could prevent the application tracking system from correctly sorting your information.
  • Don’t include borders and shading, use a simple template that is easy to read.
  • Most employers use an ATS resume checker to search by specialized or technical skills. Make sure your resume includes any that you’ve attained. Spell them out and include industry-specific abbreviations or acronyms that may also be searched for.
  • Don’t forget to include your contact information such as phone number and email address. The ATS system may send out an email after you’ve applied for additional instructions.
  • The application tracking system will miss important keywords if they are misspelled. Always proofread thoroughly to give your application every chance of success.

ats resume scanning optimization steps

Steps to Further Optimize for ATS Resume Scanning

To help ensure that during the scanning process, the application tracking system is properly able to parse all the information contained in your resume, make sure that it:

  • Includes no punctuation in your name such as ( ), / –
  • Is formatted in a single column with no tables or text boxes
  • Contains only your name on the top line with no degrees or certifications after it
  • Includes the month when listing dates which should follow the position held
  • Does not contain complex formatting or use extra spaces between letters
  • Contains correct capitalization and punctuation as this may affect how information is parsed and assigned to the ATS database
  • Uses the full spelled-out version of terms in addition to abbreviations and acronyms i.e., Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Professional Help to Prepare Your Resume for an Application Tracking System

If you want to ensure that your resume is going to give you the best chance of success then you need to have a professional writer with many years of experience and who understands all the latest recruitment trends do it for you. Our professional services can provide you with a fully qualified writer who is competent in ensuring your resume is specifically targeted to the job description, using all the keywords needed to get the highest score from the applicant tracking system test your resume and get you to that all-important interview.

For the best help online to get past the application tracking system stage and be shortlisted for an interview, get in touch with our friendly support team now for affordable services which you can trust!