10 Good Resume Samples 2019 That Will Get You Hired

The use of resume 2019 is not far to be the best option to achieve the goal to get our dream Job. To get great resume examples 2019 you need to make good research according to the resume templates that better fit with your experience and overall professional profile.

Professional resume 2019 offers hundreds of templates to choose and develop your Professional Profile. Do not forget to look at them, there’s no better option or resume guidelines 2019 that helps you more to organize and highlight your information in order to get a job.


Different Types of Resume Formats

First of all, it is very important to know what kind of work we want to cover, what are its requirements and if it is necessary to elaborate a more sophisticated or simpler sample. IT resume examples are very important, using them accurately in order to highlight your professional profile is vital to achieving success but won’t warrant 100% success either.

In order to get the success it’s paramount to know tips and how to make your profile shines, however till the last piece of information can make the difference between you and achievement. Resume templates are categorized by functionality, needs or Job demands:

Chronological Resume Format

1.     Chronological Resume Format

If you have been a person with a career in various jobs and positions, this may be your best option. In this, your works are portrayed chronologically. This format is one of the favorites because when it comes to recruiting staff, the employer can easily take a look at your work history.

Chronological Resume Template – Sample of Chronological Template

Contact information and professional profile
  • Name, last name
  • Career, professional profile or specializations
  • Resume title
Work experience – last jobs or activities

Here, the applicant must place the information about past activities in order to catch the employer’s attention, this part is as important as your career to get the job. It is necessary to provide very clear and nice information about what have you been done, where you have worked and if necessary, for how long.

  • Company name
  • Work position
  • Date, when did you started and when did you finish

Place here your academic information, how long you studied and what kind of degree did you get, if you have specializations place them here too.

  • Dates
  • Institutions
  • Locations

You must make your abilities shine and highlight every potential skill related to the job position in order to help you be placed on the top. If you have lots of things that you want to highlight, use bullets to display them hierarchically from most important to less relevant.

  • Abilities related to your profession
  • Personal Abilities
  • Uncommon skills (languages or any different ability)

Functional Resume Template

2.     Functional Resume Template

The functional resume template is the one that distributes the information according to what the applicant wants to portray first. In this way, it allows you to provide a quick knowledge of your training and experience in a particular field. Moreover, by not following a chronological progression, it allows to select the positive points of your profile while omitting or diffusing the unwanted factors.

Functional Resume Template – Sample of Functional Resume Template

Personal information
  • Name, Last name
  • Phone number, email, address
  • Career, professional profile, highlighting professional characteristics
  • Resume title
Profile summary

We write a little brief about us and our efficiencies or competencies trying to convince your audience that you are well-prepared and capable to develop highly demanding jobs.

  • Mention you career
  • Specialization
  • Efficiencies

Try to write a very nice explanation about who are you, how do you work and your abilities for specific job or area.

  • What do you do
  • Competencies

A very important part of your profile and information is where you have worked. Last works references grants you that your abilities are parallels with your experience.

  • Mention companies where you work for
  • What did you do since your career started

Combination Resume Template

3.     Combination Resume Template

This template is very common and used by those professionals who wish to highlight their skills and work experience, and only at the end to refer to their personal data. Although you can see some relevance from other formats, it must maintain a specific order to achieve the goal.

Combination Resume Template – Combination Resume Template Sample


Show up all your skills, abilities and specializations degrees in order to create a very attractive first impression.

  • Academic degree
  • Specializations
  • Related courses
Experience – employment story

The best references you may have at the first moment is throughout your employment story, the companies you were working for, and your job position within each one says a lot about your competencies, so be careful and use them rightly.

  • Example: Senior Marketing Assistant / 2012 to 2016 / ALDIs groceries stores
Personal information – professional profile
  • Name, last name
  • Address, some extra-personal information
  • Capacities, specialization, resume title

Resume Template with Profile

4.     Resume Template with Profile

Due to the great competition and demand from employers, this resume template is not widely used, not at least for important positions. In this one, it is sought to emphasize mainly the abilities of the applicant displacing information that is relevant for some jobs.

Resume Template with Profile – Resume Template with Profile Sample

Name (optional)
  • Name & last name
Name of your professional profile
  • Career
  • Academic degree
Brief summary of professional profile

This is the strongest part of this template. Here, skills and abilities, and every characteristic that helps to make the profile more profitable are shown.

They are usually bulleted in order to place skills hierarchically.

  • First Skill/ability
  • Second Skill/ability
  • And so on
Employment story

In this part, information like date, organization name, working time and position are placed in order to show which role developed the solicitor in each company. They are commonly also bulleted from recent ones.

  • Date
  • Position – company name
  • Role
Personal information (optional)
  • Name, last name
  • Address
  • Phone number, e-mail

Targeted Resume Template

5.     Targeted Resume Template

If your profile does not show what a certain job is looking and you want a template to make it more visible, the current resume formats 2019 (targeted ones) will make it possible.

Targeted Resume Template – Targeted Resume Template Sample


Here the solicitant raises his qualities, his goals for the future and he wants to contribute to the work. This part is very important because people who do not have much experience opt for this, and this is where the opportunity to show the company the benefit of hiring you appears.

Personal information
  • Names & last names
  • Age
  • Address
  • Burn date
  • Civil status
  • Phone number
Studies – academic degrees

The information is usually bulleted in order to place academic degrees by time.

  • Primary School
  • High School
  • University
  • Specialization & Masters

Mini Resume Template

6.     Mini Resume Template

This particular template is very used in social media due to practical size and the information is very punctual, very important thing when not having a lot of time neither in the interview or to be interviewed. Resume objective examples help you give a more idea of what you can do, according to your skills.

Mini Resume Template – Mini Resume Template Sample

This kind of template is simply structured, just two sections where personal information and skills are placed or mentioned.

  • Name
  • Last name
  • Academic degree
  • Phone number
  • E-mail
  • Address
  • Specializations
  • Skills and abilities related to your profile and work environment
  • References and ways to verify the information provided (if needed)
  • Certifications

Nontraditional Resume Template

7.     Nontraditional Resume Template

The world is competitive and we know it, the work environment is increasingly difficult and it gets harder with time. Then, great resume examples 2019 are available to develop and highlight to the maximum our profile and our abilities. Your profile resume 2019 must be according to your needs, therefore there are people who are innovating.

There are always the traditionalists, it works for them, but for those who are looking for other tools, then Non-traditional Resume Templates offer them the possibility of adapting the information regardless of who the applicant is. Cartoons, 3D designs and more are just a reference to the huge advantages given by this resume template.

Nontraditional Resume Template – Nontraditional Resume Template Sample

First name & last name
  • Personal information about you.
  • Place here your educational achievements in order to highlight your profile.
Experience – employment story

Would be nice to use this part to show where you have worked, labor positions and time in those companies. Employers take this part as very important source of information about the applicant.

  • Name company
  • Time & position within the company
Special category (optional)

Place here, extra-information about you, like hobbies, likes, and dislikes; and so on.

Skills – abilities

Try to show as many of your skills as you can, give the opportunity for recruiters to know you through your abilities, let them figure your profile out just by reading. 

  • Skills related to the Job
  • Abilities and efficiencies
  • Specializations (name them)
  • Knowledge earned

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How Using Samples and Templates Improves Your Resume

Currently, in the professional field, the competition has become more aggressive with each day that passes. So, how to highlight your profile, how do you improve it? Using professional resume 2019 is a start, seekers commonly look at perfect resume samples 2019 to have a guide in how to show their professional profiles and compete.

Using samples can improve your resume? Yes, this is the best way to see how labor environment is and what to expect about your competition, and of course using expert references and opinions grants you to get great resume examples 2019 in order to create your own. Why refer to these special examples? Due to innovation is a key factor, update your profile and you’ll have a nice resume format 2019.

The right use of these accurate formats and resume guidelines 2019 can take you apart from others, using them competitively. But, avoiding them can sink you or even leave you behind.

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Use Resume Samples and Improve Your Own Resume!

As important as the product we need, is the box where we get it. Resume Templates instantly offers us the guidance and the specific order that our valuable professional information needs to achieve our goal – to get the job.

Using these great resume samples 2019 will help you immensely achieve exactly what you want from your resume, easily!